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Choosing an agent who is part of The Travel Agent Next Door means you are 100% guaranteed that your professional travel consultant is well travelled as well as educated on a huge number of travel styles, options and experiences.  When an agent chooses to be a part of The Travel Agent Next Door network, they are connected with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and more.  Each travel professional associated with The Travel Agent Next Door is incredibly passionate about travel and providing you with the holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.  Make the right choice and book with us today.

Donna Wilner

Donna Wilner

Dedicated to Connecting People, Through Travel.

I have experienced over 25 countries via train, car, plane, kayak, boat, ship, bus and on foot, learning, absorbing and connecting to the local cultures and environment. From North America to Israel, from Ireland to Greece and Turkey, I love exploring, learning, and connecting to the different ways that people live. I enjoy seeing how their environment shapes their daily lives, ideas, philosophy, and culture. My travels have inspired me to deepen my understanding of the world we live in and our role in it.

I am dedicated to connecting my clients to the travel experiences they seek. Whether it is a backpacking trip through Costa Rica, a river cruise on the Danube, an apartment in Tuscany, or an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, I can book it for you. Syncing expectations with reality, I guide clients through the process of creating the trip they want.


  • Travel and Tourism Diploma, Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations, CDI College, Vancouver, 2007
  • Honours BA in Arts from York University, Toronto, 1999

Where is next on my bucket travel list:

  • South America, to explore the Andes, Easter Island and hang out with some penguins.
  • Scandinavia, to check out the fjords via ship and kayak and find Queen Elsa’s castle.
  • An Antarctic National Geographic Cruise to gain a better perspective on that region’s global environmental impact


If you are ready to connect to your world, contact me today.

Donna Wilner

Donna Wilner

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